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Who We Are

G’FIVE, a mobile communication brand of G’FIVE Group, listed in top 10 in terms of global sales volume, has continued to hold the title of the fastest developing communication company. G’FIVE was registered in Hong Kong in 2008, in pursuit of the research and development, manufacture, sales and service of professional 3C product. G’FIVE Group owns 7 communication brands, covering all aspects of the IT industry. With an eminent vision, G’FIVE has continued to expand its business for 10 years; with its innovative products and excellent services, G’FIVE has more than 100 million royal consumers around the world, from South America, Asia, Africa, the Mid-East and Europe. G’FIVE focused on overseas mobile phone markets in emerging markets such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and East Europe at the beginning when started in 2008. in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Peru, many emerging countries such as Burma, Vietnam, etc. G’FIVE owns a high recognition .We constantly develop new markets in order to improve our marketing system

Our History