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About G'Five Pakistan

G'Five Pakistan is being operated under the Umbrella of GFive Group Since 2009 with its complete product range.G'FIVE a mobile communication brand of GFIVE Group is the first-ever mobile manufacturing company in Pakistan. GFive is listed in top 10 in terms of global sales volume, has continued to hold the title of the fastest developing communication company. With established strong sales network based on the 95 global operations centers (including Pakistan), G’FIVE expands its business in full communication industry, dedicated in providing smart phone service to more consumers globally. Since 2014 GFIVE team made efforts to establish world leading standard manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Today by the Grace of ALLAH (ALL MIGHTY) GFIVE Mobile (Pvt) Limited is the Pioneer in Pakistan who assembled and produced GFIVE Smart Phone & Bar Phone handsets first time in Pakistan with labeling “Made in Pakistan”. By installing State-of-the- Art Assembling Plant and Equipment approved by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) with the capacity to produce over half million handset per month. Gfive started its trail production successfully in January 2016, and produced over 87,000 handset of Smart and Bar Phones which completely meets the high quality standards. With the aim, GFive Mobile (Private) Limited started their first ever state of the art Mobile production line & assembling unit in Pakistan for feature & Smart Phone segments to serve our valuable Pakistani customers nation-wide back up with strong after sale services. GFive management always primarily focus on introducing reliable products to their customers at a very economical prices with strong after sale services & support nation-wide, We always believe, Pakistan is a highly potential market for production & assembling mobile handsets after the introduction of 3G/4G and upcoming 5G services together with a significant development towards digitized Pakistan and this is the right time to serve our Pakistani people, who feel proud to buy first ever “Made in Pakistan” handset. GFive Mobile (Private) Limited has kept very strong network coverage, which cover all major & connecting cities of Pakistan through our strong distributional channel include whole-seller, dealer/retailers, high profile corporate sector such as Hypermarkets, Mobile Operators, Online Stores and Banks, etc. In addition of this, we also kept presence of our own outlets, regional offices, direct sales team and Customer care Centres. We wish and hope that Government will also lead the initiative through practical steps in this direction and encourage companies to setup such type of production & assembling units in Pakistan and put Pakistan on the world map where handsets are assembled and manufactured in Pakistan and GFive Mobile (Private) Limited is a pioneer and of-course trend setter in Pakistan telecom industry and being served Pakistan 100% by Made-In Pakistan” Handset. We are proud of what we’ve achieved but this journey continues and we want to be better than we have ever been before as we strongly believe that we are bigger than ‘a handset provider’.

Our Network Coverage

GFive Pakistan covers all major cities of Pakistan through our strong distributional channel include wholesaler, dealer/retailers and also kept presence of our own outlets and direct sales team.

Also GFive Mobiles are being supplied through our corporate customers include Banks, Online Stores, Operators, Hypermarkets (etc).

Our Mission Statement

To be the largest & most reliable manufacture and make strong distribution network in Pakistan by providing state of the art after sale services to our customers by the following ways:

  1. Transparency
  2. Customer convenience
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. User friendly
  5. Innovation together with technological advancement

Our Policy statement

GFive believes to be the safest place to work in Pakistan. We care about our employees, the way we conduct business, the environment and our communities and always provide our employees and customers a healthy and safe working environment. 

Health & Safety Statement

GFive aims to be the best employer in Pakistan. An integral part of this ambition is to provide our employees and customers a safe and healthy work environment. 

We believe that we have to practice the best healthy work environment in the country and be an example for others. Bringing Safety to the forefront of business shows our dedication to the people who work with us and our duty of care to all those associated with the organization.

Our Goals & Objectives: 

GFive always promotes a culture of safe work practices and we want to be the benchmark company in Pakistan in a Chinese segment, with a reputation of providing a unique, exciting, safe and healthy work environment.

1-Use our resources efficiently & intelligently

2-Smooth Supply-Chain management

3-Provide employees a secure workplace at all times.

 Our Strengths

  1. Nation-wide largest sales-force 
  2. Strong Distribution Channel Partners
  3. Wide Retail Visibility for Customer Convenience
  4. Strong after sale services through our own Customer Care Centres nation-wide
  5. Launched GFive Own outlets in all major cities of Pakistan.
  6. Corporate Customers include Banks, Online Stores, Operators, Hypermarkets, etc. 

Our Corporate Responsibility

We recognize that an educated, healthy society is Pakistan’s key to ensuring sustainable development and we do our best to give back to the community we operate in and we consider it as our corporate responsibility.